Easy Vape Pop Vapor

Easy Vape Pop Vapor

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Product Description

The device itself is a masterpiece of form and function. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of the more modern vaporizers, but many seasoned vaping enthusiasts will tell you that simplicity is the most appealing factor, alongside reliability. The Easy Vape leads both of these categories easily, thanks to its basic box design, the intuitive operating style, and the premium internal components that drive the vaporization process.

The Easy Vape features an LCD digital display and tuner that allows the user to set the temperature at intervals of just two degrees. This is perfect for those who like their vapor at a specific temperature, or if you're using dry herbs that might vaporize at varying temperatures. Since the device is meant for home use, it requires power from an outlet. The included power cord is long enough that the device should fit just about anywhere.

The system uses a single 18mm whip attached to the glass stem piece, adjacent to the heating element. The heating element is made from a ceramic material for the smoothest, most dependable functionality possible through conduction vaporization. A simple twist of the temperature gauge will activate the heating element to prepare for the vaping session. It is recommended that users wait approximately ten minutes for the device to reach its preset temperature. The device will not inform you when that temperature has been reached, so you must be vigilant with your timing for maximum efficiency. 

The glass base for the whip must be loaded with any dried aromatic blend, and once the chamber is loaded and the device is preheated, you can attach the glass base to the stem. Vapor will immediately begin to form in the whip base, and now it is ready for vaping. Users can then inhale from the glass mouthpiece attached to the silicone whip. Users should wait briefly between each draw to ensure the temperature doesn't fall too quickly.

The polycarbonate housing of the Easy Vape is enough to provide sturdy use for quite some time, and the entire device weighs less than 2 pounds. It is small and discreet, easily falling into the background when it is not in use. Every Easy Vape comes with a 5 year warranty on the ceramic heating element, and extended warranties are available for the digital display. If you're in the market for a simple, cheap box vaporizer, or you're considering a switch from other smoking methods, the Easy Vape is an excellent choice. Not only will it provide a great introduction to the world of vaping, but it will do so in the most effective, simple way possible.

The Easy Vape is available in several distinct colors, including black, maroon, and stainless steel. The whip is easily cleaned with warm water and soap, and the heating box itself should require almost no upkeep. Be sure to turn off the device immediately after you have finished with a session, since heating elements can become damaged with extended use. When proper care and utility are employed, the Easy Vape will serve any vaping enthusiast well for years.